Recyclable Robots!

Robots In Disguise!

Started: 4/8/14            Ended:  6/8/14
  • 4/8/14: Leo & other children showed interest in Robot & transformer when reading toy catalogue. They had fun walking & acting as a robot. Therefore we thought, we should make a prop to extend their interest about this. We collected a cardboard box from our laundry, cut holes for head & arms & then let children painted on it. By using recycle card board box, we taught children to make thing from the stuff that we already have.

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Learning Outcomes

Practices Principles
1. Identity a b c 1. Holistic Approaches 1. Secure, respectable,
reciprocal relationships
2. Community  a 2. Responsiveness to children 3. High expectations & equity
3. Wellbeing   a  b 3. Learning through play
4.  Learning   a  b  c  d 4. Intention teaching
5. Communication  a c 5. Learning environments

5/8/14: The box has dried. We decorated it with foil to make it look real. Then, children took turns to wear it on. They enjoyed to walk as a robot & loved to see themselves in the mirror when wearing it.

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  • 6/8/14: Collage “Robot” We collected recycle boxes, paper rolls & foil to make our own Robot. Children were keen to help to place the rolls into the holes to make arms. After that, they listened & followed educator’s instruction well when covering the box with glue & foil pieces. It turned out so nice. Everyone loved it!

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