Caroline (Caz) Ransom

Centre Manager - Early Learning Services Victoria Point

“Children thrive when they feel safe and secure in their environment. We are calm, kind and nurturing with our children and families.”

I started my professional childcare career in 1988 and came here to Victoria Point Early Learning Centre in 2021. I have a NNEB, Advanced Diploma in Children's Services and Diploma of Leadership and Management. I used to be a private Nanny in London and then my journey took me to the Early Years in various child care settings.


At a young age I was always drawn to the children around me, I knew I always wanted to work with children. I enjoyed doing things for them and taking care of them. I love how children are so excited at everything that they see and how they absorb information.


It is important to listen to families and children. We are here to support the families and provide guidance when requested. I really enjoy supporting families and sharing my experience with them. Attending a dedicated Early learning Service ensures that children are able to play and learn with children their own age. Social and emotional development is so important for our little people.


My Team is passionate about supporting and educating children in our care. The Team has a strong focus on Customer Service and go above and beyond for our families. Communication is the most important factor when building relationships with families. We need to share information with each other to ensure the best outcomes for the children in our care.


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