Monthly Archives: May 2014

Craft Corner – Give the World a Hand

To celebrate World Environment Day and aid your child in identifying as a member of the worldwide community, help your child to complete this great piece of craft! By painting the globe you are helping your child to identify the world around them and the hand shaped tree will give them a sense of belonging […]


Growing Green Children

As the world grows older and the population increases it is essential that communities pull together to recognise the importance of sustainability and are proactive in combatting climate change. The environment that a child grows up in heavily impacts their attitude, beliefs and outlook for the rest of their life not to mention the effect […]


Learning Experience – Excursions

Excursions are an important part of early learning and not only break everyday routine but also bring forward new lessons in community, relationships and exploration for a child to experience. A small group of children from Early Learning Services Sydney Cove CBD went on an  excursion recently to Customs House library, providing an opportunity for the children […]