Teddy’s Big Adventures with the Jans Family

1Dante, Valentina and Mum and Dad were very excited to take Teddy home over the weekend from Saint Marina Early Learning Centre.

We had lots of fun activities in store for his visit. During outdoor playtime, Dante and Valentina brought Teddy along for some fun. He played some soccer and had a go on the swing. When they all got tired they sat together and had a snack.

Teddy loves to eat apples. Over the weekend we visited some friends who live on a 2farm. Teddy got to meet Chevy the dog, Buddy the horse and Timmy the turtle. It was great fun!

Valentina comforted Teddy when he was scared to meet Chevy. But soon he was ok and gave Chevy a pat on the head.

Next we met Buddy, the big beautiful Clydesdale horse. Teddy had a ride and loved it. Buddy is a gentle horse who also likes to eat apples.

He and Teddy have a lot in common. Timmy the turtle came out for a pat too. Before we left Teddy picked some delicious cherry tomatoes to take home. Yummy!

Next off Dante and Valentina took Teddy to visit their cousin Sophia. Sophia wasn’t feeling too good but felt much better when Dante, Valentina and Teddy arrived. After a big cuddle she felt much better.

And that is the end of our Big Adventure Weekend with Teddy!





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