Keep Cup Sustainability at Forestville ELS

Written by Jola Sung, Centre Director. 

Did you know, coffee cups are not recyclable? 

At Forestville Early Learning Centre, we are passionate about teaching children ways to care for their world and enhance the quality of their future.

Keep Cup Sustainability 

From this passion, we are driving different sustainability projects, including promoting KeepCups!

It is estimated that Australians use a billion takeaway coffee cups per year. Sadly, most cannot be recycled, and are slowly taking up space in our landfill.

From this thought, we have partnered with our local cafe Cocco Rocco Deli, to drive a special initiative for our children, families and community. As part of the initiative, parents are offered 50c off every coffee and 15% off food. To avail of these discounts, parents would be required to present the blue and white keep cup on ordering and a signed business card from me. 

Below are some of the fantastic posters created by the children and displayed in our centre. 


Keep Cup Excursion 

This drive is not only for our valued families, it is also for our beautiful children, the leaders of our future.
So we decided to take them on an excursion to enjoy a warm chocolate with KeepCups!

Before our excursion, we spoke to the children about road safety, stranger danger and being safe.

“It’s so windy! We need to hold our hat!” Chloe shouted with laughter. 

At the café, we spoke to the children about the importance of reducing waste to look after our environment. We also spoke about washing and reusing our own KeepCups. 


The warm hot chocolate was delicious, of course! 

“I got a KeepCup!” Sebastian said with pride.

“Can I have some more in my cup?” Jaycee asked excitedly.

“This is yummy!” Chloe shared with her friends and teachers.

“I went to the chocolate shop!” Oliver expressed.


The local community was curious to see us out and about. Of course, we were open to share with them the purpose of our excursion! 

Thank you Estelle (Misha and Bowen’s grandma) and Shun (our volunteer) for joining us on our excursion.

Thank you Sonia and Greg from CoccoRocco for having us!

We are doing our part to promote sustainability to our children, families and community. What about you?

Cheers to Keep Cups! 


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