Learning Experiences at Grasshoppers Early Learning Centre

Recently at Grasshoppers Early Learning Centre, we have been engaging in a number of fun activities and learning experiences. Read on to find out what we have been up to. 

Bush Kinder 

At Grasshoppers Early Learning Centre, we are so lucky to have the bush setting behind our service. On the 13th of February, we went on a Bush Kinder adventure and explored maths in the natural environment.

Armed with measuring tapes and a simple graph, the children set about looking for small, medium and large things that we could bring back to the centre.

The children were seen comparing sticks, bark and flowers with their peers as well as for their own personal use. While we were exploring measurement, Chase’s Poppop (grandfather) walked over from The Cage, a community centre which is situated behind our bush kinder setting. Chase’s Poppop asked us if we wanted to go over and have a look around, so we followed him down a path and across a big bridge to The Cage!

We interrupted a PT class where we got to see some of our class’s mums working out before heading in for a cold glass of water. We are very thankful and appreciative of the wonderful hospitality of the staff and owners of The Cage, for welcoming us into their facility. Wonder what we will find on our next adventure?

Valentine’s Day 

At Grasshoppers Early Learning Centre 1, on the 14th of February the Kindergarten children celebrated Valentine’s Day! We did this by talking about all the things that we love! We started by learning a new song that the children practiced to sing to their Mums and Dads at home.

As we value the children’s voice in our classroom, we discussed all the things that they love. The children could choose one thing or many things, and their answers were recorded. During our play time, the children made Valentine’s Day cards that they could give to their families. Check out the photos below to see what each of them had to say!

Junior Kindy Bush 

Recently in Junior Kindy, it was some of the children’s first experience heading out to explore the bush. Before we headed out, we all gathered together, wore our high-vis vests and sat on the mat to have a group discussion. We spoke about safety rules outdoors on the road and in the carpark. 

While we were walking, we noticed many different vehicles on our journey, including busses, cars and some trucks. We loved waving to everyone as they drove past. The children eagerly listened to the educators and held on to the safety rope while we were walking on the footpaths towards the bush. 

Once we got to the bush area, Miss Linda said we could let go off the safety rope and walk together in our group. We walked around the bush area observing the different trees around us. Some had flowers and some were prickly. Together we spoke about all of them while being careful not to touch. 

During our walk we stopped to pick up buttercup flowers which we enjoyed smelling and holding along on our adventure. We came to a bush area where we could see Lorikeets eating in the trees. Some of us also noticed hanging vines that we could swing off or sit on! 

We even found a tree with paper bark on it.  So we collected some and brought it back to our classroom to add to our nature area. Some children brought back branches and sticks to add as well.

We all loved our experience of getting out into the community and seeing what is around our centre. There were many conversations on the way with noticing bird sounds, seeing butterflies and observing our beautiful environment. 


Kindy Sunflower 

In the kindy room at Grasshoppers 1 we have been exploring plants. This is an extension from parent in-put after one of the children brought one of their sun flowers into kindy for show and share. This lead to the children exploring parts of a plant and learning the names of each part.

We discussed what plants need to grow and how to take care of our plants. The children used their sensory skills to feel the spikey stem and leaves and the soft petals. The children used the sunflower to paint their own still life paintings. We also extended the children’s learning through pre-reading skills, sequencing cards, and pre-writing boards.

The children completed the sequencing cards and then chose to draw their findings, and interpretation of the flowers. We have put the sunflowers up on display for the children to observe the change as the flowers dry out. The children are going to assist us in harvesting the seeds and planting them in our garden outside.

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