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Child Care Melton Early Learning CentreWelcome to Melton Early Learning Centre!

Our centre is open from 6:15am to 6:15pm ensuring that all of our children enjoy our enriching, nurturing environment.

Our qualified educators are passionate about education and provide exciting and innovative learning experiences. For your convenience: nappies, formula and meals such as breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack are all provided.

Our centre caters to children from birth to 6 years old with an excellent early education program which inspires meaningful learning for children by embracing the value of ‘play’ and fostering strong reciprocal relationships. As educators, we strongly advocate for children as ‘capable and confident learners’ centering our programs within the Early Years Learning Framework.

We believe that every child is unique and pride ourselves on providing quality care and education that is appropriate for each age group.

We cater to a whole range of children with programs that are designed specifically for their age group. We have four separate rooms designed to ensure your child always feels safe and familiar with children in their own age bracket.

Our childcare centre proudly offers a kindergarten/preschool program to ensure your child is supported for their transition to school every step of the way. With a focus on language, literacy, numeracy, social skills and more your child will become school ready.

We have the privilege to watch our children grow and develop and see them reach their milestones.  We have developed a great reputation within our local community, and we have families who are willing to travel past numerous other centres to enrol their children with us.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Centre Manager profile

Billie Harrip

How long have you been working in childcare?

I have been working in the Early Childhood industry for 7 years

What is your favourite part of working at the centre?

I absolutely love the culture here at Melton ELC. We have an experienced team of wonderful educators and the relationships we have with our families and their children is something I am truly proud of. Having a positive impact on the development of children and supporting their learning journey is certainly my favourite part of the role.

What qualifications do you hold?

I currently hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and am currently studying my Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

What makes your team/centre special?

I believe we have an amazing team of experienced educators here at Melton ELC. They are nurturing, caring and always put the needs of the children they are educating first. Our staff turnover is quite low, and we have built strong, trusting relationships with our families.

What is one of your hobbies?

I have a passion for the sport of DrillDance, which I have been involved in for 25 years. I currently coach/choreograph a senior team of 14 women locally and have been extremely successful at a national level for the past 8 years.


Here at Melton ELC you will find a team of friendly, welcoming and skilled educators who hold your child’s development and wellbeing as their highest priority. We have a very low staff turnover and pride ourselves on upskilling and learning new things to support your children whilst in an Early childhood setting.  We pride ourselves on strong, collaborative relationships and welcome your feedback to continually improve our services. When you visit Melton ELC you will be welcomed into a warm friendly environment where your children will thrive and be supported through their learning journey.

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Our centre provides care for the following age groups:



Pre Kinder


0 – 2 years 2 – 3 years 3 – 4 years 4 – 5 years


Our service provides the following facilities:

  • Nappies included
  • Breakfast
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Sustainability program
  • Veggie garden
  • On-site parking
  • SMART Interactvie Whiteboard
  • In-house cook
  • Halal Meal options
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Large, natural play environments
  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • Government Approved Kindergarten Program



See what our parents have to say about our centre:

Melton Early Learning has a high standard of care, which understands the individual needs of my child. The staff give me piece of mind when leaving my daughter in their care, and are readily available to discuss any concerns I have, regarding her care and education, no matter how trivial they seem.

The facilities are modern and clean, providing a range of activities. I delight in seeing the artwork come home as well my daughter happily playing with other children when I collect her of an afternoon.  I highly recommend Melton Early Learning, whose educators who take a genuine interest in the development of children in their care.”

– Kristen


“The staff have been amazing from the very start when interacting with my children, when they talk to my family I can feel the sincerity and the welcomes in their body and how they talk to us.

– Therese


I have used the centre for both my children. I love that most of the staff are still there after many years! The staff take their time understanding the children and the parents. I feel comfortable leaving my child there knowing he will be encouraged to learn and thrive in his environment. He is excited to attend daycare and asks every day if he is going… even though he only attends 2 days a week.
Highly recommend this place to everyone.”

– Sarah


“I’ve had all of my 3 children attend this child care centre over the past 8 years and all of the same staff are there which makes them feel safe and happy to come each day.”

– Jennifer


“I have two children at Melton Early Learning Centre (aged 4.5 years and 16 months). My eldest started in the nursery in 2010. I love that staff turnover is low and that some of the educators who cared for my eldest in the nursery, have previously or are currently caring for my 16 month old.  

When I drop the kids off in the morning  we rarely have any tears and that re-assures me that the kids are happy and comfortable with the educators. The educators have been really supportive with everything including toilet training and sleep routines. I’m really happy to have my kids at MELC.”

– Tracey


“Moving my son to the Melton Early Learning Centre was the best change I could have made. Its such a relief sending my child there knowing his safe and looked after properly. He loves going to crèche as there’s so much activties for him to do and he comes home every time so happy. I recommend this centre to everyone I know. “

– Alysha


 “Our son has attended Melton Early Learning for 4 years. During this time he has consistently received wonderful care, guidance and education which has helped him grow into a confident 5 year old. The staff encourage parent/educator partnerships which has resulted in trust and excellent communication between ourselves and the staff. I highly recommend Melton Early Learning.”

– Simone


Yes I’m happy with Centre.. the staff make my child happy”

– Dandan

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