Hoang Uyen Nguyen

Centre Manager -  Early Learning Services Vattana

“I love knowing that every time I come to work, I make a difference in children’s lives."

I have been working in the early learning sector since 2009. I joined the team at Vattana Early Learning Centre in 2018. I hold a Bachelor of Teaching (Birth to 5 years old). Before becoming a centre manager, I was a room leader and had experience with all age groups of children. 

I have worked closely with all age groups, and I love watching how each child grows up into beautiful, caring and smart individuals. I love knowing that every time I come to work, I make a difference in children’s lives, which makes this job so rewarding.

I am passionate about early childhood and committed to providing a high-quality service to my community. I feel my role as an educator is to provide an enriching and stimulating environment and design play-based programs that help children meet their developmental milestones. My teaching philosophy is guided by children’s interests and family input. 

Children learn by interacting with educators and their peers, so being in a dedicated early learning environment really helps the development of their social skills. They learn how to get involved, play in groups, and become more confident in group settings. They also learn how to share and take a turn. Here at Vattana, we also work hard to develop children’s self-help skills further in order to set them up for kindergarten. 

Our team here at Vattana are passionate about creating a centre that is a home away from home for both families and children. Our educators believe learning is a life-long process for not only the children but also our educators. On-going education, training and reflective practice are the keys to constantly maintaining a high-quality service.

We acknowledge that the family is the most powerful influence on each child’s life and that children benefit the most when we partner with families. We support our families by keeping them involved in children’s learning progress through our family app and daily communications. We host events throughout the year such as our Easter parade, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and our annual Christmas party. I believe strong communication is key to success. 

I can’t wait to welcome your family into our Vattana community.

Call to enquire 1800 413 885