Centre Manager - Rose Garden Epping Early Learning Centre

“Children are very inquisitive, so we need to adjust our teaching methods to suit different children's needs and interests. ”

I have been working in early learning since 2004 and started at Rose Garden Epping in 2023. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management.

I have always enjoyed watching children grow and learn. The most important thing l have learnt from working in this sector is that all children are different and that they are very inquisitive, so we need to adjust our teaching methods to suit different children’s needs and interests. I always give the children the time to respond and react in their own way.

When children attend a dedicated early childhood centre, they develop social skills in a play-based environment. They also get the opportunity to think for themselves to resolve any challenges they may come across and learn to become independent. The positive relationships they develop with our loving educators and their peers are invaluable in the crucial first five years.

I have a diverse team of educators who bring experience and passion to the centre daily. Our team is dedicated to ensuring all children feel safe and confident, and they are teaching the children life skills that will be with them forever.

I show support to all my families by introducing myself to the families and letting them know l have an open-door policy and that they are welcome to call or come in for a chat at any time. I also encourage the families to discuss their concerns, no matter how big or small, and we can resolve them for them. I ensure that families understand that their child is not just a number but a part of our family at the centre.

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