Michelle McMullan

Centre Manager -  Early Learning Services Fraser Avenue

“I listen to each child’s voice, encourage parent participation and maintain strong connections to our community values.”  

I began my early childhood education and care career in 2002 and started working at Fraser Avenue Early Learning Centre in 2021. I hold a Diploma in Children’s Services and I'm trained in Child Protection and First Aid.

After obtaining my Diploma in Children’s Services, I began my early childhood career by implementing a creative and educational curriculum for children aged six weeks to six years. I advanced my career with a passion for providing the best quality of care for all children and ensuring strong relationships with families.  

As an early childhood educator, my vision is driven by respecting each child and their cultural background. I listen to each child’s voice, encourage parent participation and maintain strong connections to our community values.  

I am completely dedicated to helping children on their learning and life journey. The first five years of their lives are so important to learn the skills and build a strong sense of self to guide them into the big world! This is when we support each child’s learning with patience and with love for learning, and of course, to have fun at the same time. Seeing the wonder in children’s eyes when they discover/learn something new and want to continue finding out more is so rewarding.  

There are so many learning benefits of attending a dedicated early childhood education and care centres. It allows children to be exposed and build confidence in many different learning developmental areas such as social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and many more areas.  

We have a long-serving, multicultural team who are all committed and dedicated to working directly with children. Many have been at the service for more than five years. We are all like a big family who comes in each day with a smile on our faces, ready to see all our little ones learn, laugh and play. 

We build a good relationship with families by ensuring every person who walks in our door feels connected and has a sense of belonging to the centre. Family involvement is highly valued by everyone. As a team, we believe this promotes a greater connection between the learning that happens within the service and the learning that happens within the family. They are both equally important and valued.  

Our initial orientation is about being authentic. And being a parent myself, I understand the feeling of putting your child into care and that it was the right decision. It is not about it being a rushed process and getting the booking; we work with families on how they feel. I always encourage families to do orientation visits before they officially start – and I stress this is just as important for the parent/caregiver as it is for the child. They must feel comfortable on that first day leaving their precious little ones with us, just as much as the child needs to be ready for the transition as well.

I feel it is so important to know the families and children, so I endeavour to always use names and be familiar with anything going on in their lives. It is about taking the time to genuinely show we care about each and every single person that walks through our door. 

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