Casey-Leigh Lonie 

Centre Manager - Melton Early Learning Centre

“My passion has always been about supporting children in their early years and helping them achieve the goals that they set for themselves.”

My early childhood education and care career began in 2014, and I started working at Melton Early Learning in 2015. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and continuously enhance my skills to improve my professional development in early childhood. I have worked as an Assistant to Lead Educator, Second in Charge, and now as a Centre Manager. 

As an early educator, I have had the honour of working alongside some wonderful mentors that encouraged me to enhance my skills, knowledge and professional development.  

I have worked with ages from birth to 5 years, where I have implemented experiences and strategies to support and enhance each child’s learning and development. 

My passion has always been about supporting children in their early years and helping them achieve the goals that they set for themselves. We work closely with families to ensure a smooth and consistent transition into the service and prepare them for their transition to school.  

I love the connections that I get to make with every child and the bonds formed with them. 

In my early childhood education and care career, I have learned that all children are unique and that a single approach will not work for every child. We need to take the time to get to know each child as an individual so we can better support their learning, engage them in meaningful conversations, and interact with them. 

My approach to helping children on their learning and life journey is patience and the ability to relate to them. I share their interests, make them feel valued and an important part of the service. 

There are so many benefits of attending a dedicated early childhood education and care. We give detailed explanations of what the children are learning and how we are planning to support the children in challenging themselves or reaching their goals through our documentation. I take the time to speak to all the families so that they are aware of our philosophy and how this is implemented to support the children and the families. We have an open-door policy so that the parents can come and discuss any matters with me or another educator at a time that suits their needs. 

Here at Melton Early Learning, we class ourselves as more of a family unit rather than a team. I have the honour and privilege to work alongside some strong, intelligent, and caring individuals. I firmly believe I could not achieve the things I have without their support and guidance.   

We here at the service believe the motto “It takes a village to raise a child” which we take very seriously.  We each ensure open communication is respected and families feel supported during the good times as well as the tough times. 

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