Karina Windolf

Centre Manager - Early Learning Services Rangeville (Toowoomba)

 “We want to teach passion and curiosity that enables our children to enjoy the cultural diversity we share.”

I have worked in the Early Education sector since leaving school, which is over 22 years. I’m married with two teenage sons and a fur baby. We have lived in Toowoomba for three years and I have worked at Rangeville as the Centre Manager since this time. 

My key responsibilities are many and varied and include but are not limited to: 

Supervising the programs and the quality of care the centre provides. Ensuring that the programs provided encompass all aspects of child development. Maintain and implement Centre policies and procedures. Maintain the established process for the recruitment, orientation and support of team members. Ensure team members are suitably qualified in accordance with regulations. Ensure the daily programs meet the demands of children. Listening to parents and team members and make every effort to assist. Build meaningful relationships with children and families and support them in all aspects of their learning journey here at Rangeville. 

I love what I do and can’t imagine myself in any other career. I’m passionate about mentoring staff to ensure they provide a quality care and education environment that supports families and the wider community. I want our educational facility to standout in our community as a globally aware facility preparing your little ones for their futures as they learn and grow into independent global citizens. 

We are very proud of our underlying Montessori philosophy, as well as our highly qualified and competent staff from many and varied cultures. In today’s interconnected global world, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to prepare them to thrive in the new world marketplace. We must teach our children to appreciate, communicate and interact with people across different cultures and in other countries. Our Montessori philosophy teaches that our children need cultural sensitivity; the ability to interpret diverse situations, while being an empathetic team player. We want to teach passion and curiosity that enables our children to enjoy the cultural diversity we share. We believe that through exploring social, moral and ethical issues through play based learning, we will foster a sense of justice, empathy and social awareness in their lives and the lives of their families and community.

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