Sarah Warmington

Centre Manager - Welly Road Early Learning Centre (Mount Barker)

“Supporting children with their learning and development and creating lasting relationships is such a rewarding thing.”

My career in early childhood education and care began in 2005. Originally, I started working at the centre as a Lead Educator when it opened in 2005 and worked there for eight and a half years before taking a director position at another centre. In January 2018 I returned to Welly Road Early Learning Centre (Mount Barker) as the centre manager. 

I hold a Diploma of Children’s Services, Diploma of Leadership and Management and an Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management. 

In high school I did work placement at a child care centre and really loved it. I knew at this time that this was my passion and where I wanted to take my career. Supporting children with their learning and development and creating lasting relationships is such a rewarding thing and memories that last a lifetime. 

I have learnt that no day is ever the same when working with children. They are forever learning and developing and looking to us for support and guidance and sometimes just a hug. I have a very nurturing approach to educating children and believe that all children need unhurried time to learn at their own pace. As an educator we are there to step in when needed but also need to allow the children opportunity to take risks and discover for themselves.  We are there to prompt curiosity and work together to find answers and celebrate achievements. 

Our team are trained in health and safety and have read and understand our policies and procedures. We do everything we can to ensure the children in our care are safe and supported each day. You can read more about our commitment to safety here. 

We have a dedicated and passionate team at Welly Rd with long standing skilled educators. We pride ourselves on developing quality and lasting relationships with our children and families and are there to provide support wherever possible. 

I have been in this situation, where I was nervous to leave my babies with someone else. During my tours I reassure families that we are here to support them and their child to settle into early learning. I go through all the steps of enrolment and ensure they can ask questions if they have any. 

We have information in the foyer on a range of different topics and families are encouraged to access “Parent TV”. This is a fabulous resource for our Welly Rd community with lots of webinars and information on a range of different topics. 

A fun fact about me is that I love being active and playing a range of different sports but I have a real soft spot for a good jump on the trampoline with my kids.

Call to enquire 1800 413 885