Sue-Ellen Thornhill

Centre Manager -  Early Learning Services North Ryde

“I love that we as teachers can help a child to grow and develop so much in the first five years of life.”

My career in early childhood education and care commenced in 2007 and I began working at North Ryde Early Learning Centre (Macquarie Park) in 2012. I am currently studying Bachelor of Education (Birth to Eight Years) and hold my Diploma of Children’s Services. I also hold Certificate IV in Business Management. 

I was always interested to do teaching and it was not until I had my work experience that lead me down the early childhood path. I love that we as teachers can help a child to grow and develop so much in the first five years of life. And the relationships that I have built with children and families over the years. 

Children are capable learners and as teachers we can help to support children through this journey. Partnerships with families is a huge influencer to what we do in the field, as parents will always be the child first and foremost teacher and we can collaboratively work together for the best outcome of each child. 

Children’s education along with the care we provide is something I hold highly. Through support of the teachers and educators I believe that play is so important for children as here they can explore so many opportunities to develop holistically. We can lay down the foundations for each child for their life journey, as well as providing positive environment to want to learn that research shows will create successful learning outcomes in schools. 

Early childhood education and care centres have dedicated trained educators and teachers who plan and provide for each individual child to flourish to their fullest. Attending an early childhood education and care centre provide social interactions with peers that they can co-learn from as well as building their social skills. The centre environment is purpose built for children to explore and house many resources for endless learning opportunities. 

The health and safety standard and practices are the upmost importance in our centre. We ensure that we follow and complete all practices to ensure that the environment is safe for everyone. All educators are aware of their mandatory requirements for child protection and all staff ensure that they stay relevant with child protection training as we complete training regularly and all hold a working with children check. Read more about our commitment to safety here. 

We have long-serving, multicultural team members who reflect our local community. Many have been with the centre over five years. It’s the sort of centre where everyone knows all the children, no matter which room they are in. We are such a close-knit team it feels like one big family. 

Throughout the year we have many events and celebrations that we hold to our families together as a local community. We have a parent room for mothers who are breastfeeding, coffee machine in the foyer that parents can access at any time, as well as an open-door policy for families to visit and be involved when they can. The staff also support families through communications and to seek any further professional assistance if they need for their child, themselves or at home. 

Orientation is where we build the relationships with families, from here we have constant communication during drop off and pick up times, as well as throughout the day via phone, email, or our all in one family app Xplor Home. Our relationships extend further through those events to interact and get to know our families better. 

A fun fact about me is that I am a mother to one girl and a big movie lover. 

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