Kylie Rumble

Centre Manager - St Albans Sweet Sounds Early Learning Centre

“I have always believed that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potentials, every child is unique, and I love to see the growth from start to finish.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2002 and began working at St Albans Sweets Sounds Early Learning Centre in 2019. I have completed my Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services.

I believe that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, every child is unique and I love to see the growth from start to finish, knowing I have assisted in some small way, makes it all worth the while. Children want to be heard and to discover new wonders, they will take every opportunity given to create new learnings in their own way. I love seeing the excitement in a child’s discovery, whether hearing it verbally, or seeing the discovery take place.

Learning in an early childhood setting provides opportunity for your child to grow as an individual, gaining lifelong learning habits, that will inspire a journey of continued learning. We look at children as unique individuals, capable of anything and encourage, guide and support all areas of development in a positive, safe, caring and educational environment. We encourage social and emotional development, through experiences such as turn taking and role play, which leads to your child’s further development in language and cognitive abilities. Your child will be encouraged to form healthy relationships with others, as well as numeracy and literacy skills through group time stories, drawing, shape recognition and music awareness. Your child will have the opportunity to practice their skills at all times of the day, individually and as part of a group, with the opportunity to extend on these and many other skills as they transition throughout their learning journey.

Our unique team of educators are all qualified and have a diverse set of skills. We have a long-serving, multicultural team that reflects our local community. Many educators have been with the centre for over 10 years. It’s the sort of centre where everyone knows all the children, no matter which room they are in, We are such a close-knit team it feels like one big family, with many families returning to the service after extending their family. All of our educators are passionate and caring, we strive to build a genuine, open and honest relationship with all children and families within our service. Your child will have the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with their primary carers, with an educator transitioning throughout the service with your child, as they develop and move into new rooms.

Our kinder teacher will support your child through their kinder journey, from 3-year-old kinder, assisting with transitioning through to their school journey. Her program is designed to assist with development in all areas, from social/emotional skills, to numeracy, literacy, and language development. All children are provided the opportunity to develop and learn at their own pace, through individual and group learning opportunities, across a variety of play spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

All educators are trained in health and safety practices, from safeguarding children to nappy change and toileting procedures. Our policies and procedures have been created to ensure best practice in all areas, being regularly reviewed and updated as industry requirements change and develop. Supervision plans are structured and displayed for guidance and support. Regular cleaning is performed throughout the day, with professional cleaners attending the service twice a week. The service has a trained, appointed WHS officer to guide and support all areas of health and safety within the team. Regular checks are performed to ensure the equipment and resources are well maintained. Educators work with all families to support your children’s health safety and wellbeing in all areas of development.

We are here to support you in your journey, and to ensure your child has a positive start to their early learning experience. Parents are also very important to us. We have a area which is conveniently located near our kitchen, parents are invited to take a moment to relax with a hot drink and treat.

We also celebrate our diversity and multiculturalism throughout the service, we invite and encourage your participation in our centre events, and community fund raising efforts, we are always looking for new ways to include and celebrate our community.

Whatever stage of your early learning journey, we are here to help. Entering the centre, you will be warmly greeted and welcomed. We will take you on a personalised tour of the service and answer any questions you have from policies, programs, procedures, to completing and submitting all paperwork required for enrolment. If you are needing assistance to complete your application for child care subsidy, or needing assistance with other documentation, we will happily sit, one on one with you, at an arranged time to ensure you have all requirements covered.

I welcome you to come in and meet the friendly team. From the fresh, clean aroma of the oil burner on entry, to the smell of fresh food cooking in the kitchen, (our centre cook is amazing) we will cater for your child’s allergies and individual dietary requirements. The sounds of laughter from the children and our team members often echoes throughout the halls.

Call to enquire 1800 413 885