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Sydney Cove Children’s Centre - Child care & daycare in Sydney CBD

Enjoy an all-inclusive, stress-free child care experience in the heart of Sydney CBD!

Our long day care and early learning centres are ideally located for families who live or work in Sydney CBD, Sydney Central, Barangaroo and The Rocks. Sydney Cove Children’s Centres (East and West) are two childcare centres that operate together in one convenient location and have been independently rated ‘Exceeding’ under the National Quality Standard.

We understand how busy life can be for modern families, so we offer an all-inclusive, stress-free child care and early education experience. Nappies, wipes, cot bedding, sunscreen, hats, backpacks, formula, milk, nutritious meals prepared daily by our in-house chef and engaging extracurricular activities are all included in the daily fee. All you have to do is drop off your child and we take care of the rest!

Children love to engage in play-based learning experiences in our exceptionally spacious outdoor areas in the heart of the city. There’s so much to explore and discover in our famous pirate ship and submarine adventure playgrounds.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum based on the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for children from birth to six years. Our preschool program is taught by a qualified early childhood teacher and focuses on language, literacy, numeracy and social skills to prepare your child for school and life beyond.

Our centres are conveniently located a three-minute walk from Wynyard Station in the heart of Sydney CBD. Go up the ramp on the corner of Jamison and Lang Streets to enter. If you’re driving, free 30-minute parking vouchers for secure parking on Jamison Street are available. If you’re walking, we offer secure pram parking in the centres.

We work hard to make your life easier at Sydney Cove Children’s Centres. 

Book a tour to see everything our centres have to offer.

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Why you’ll love Sydney Cove Children’s Centres

Sydney Child Care Centres Sydney CBD Early Learning & Education
Extra-curricular activities Daily updates to your phone
Sydney CBD Child Care & Daycare Centre Sydney Childcare & Day Care Near Me
Preschool program Close to public transport
Sydney CBD Preschool & Kindergarten Sydney CBD Childcare
Healthy Meals Spacious outdoor play area
  • Our nurturing and experienced educators come from diverse cultural backgrounds and support your child’s development by encouraging them to explore their interests through play.
  • We offer comprehensive learning experiences based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and a preschool program taught by a qualified early childhood teacher to prepare your child socially and academically for school.
  • Our modern centres feature creative learning environments and the latest interactive technology including iPads and SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards.
  • Our spacious outdoor areas encourage exploration and play-based learning.
  • They include our famous pirate ship and submarine adventure playgrounds.
  • Nappies, wipes, cot bedding, sunscreen, hats, backpacks, formula and milk are included for your convenience.
  • Healthy and delicious meals and snacks are created daily by our in-house chef. We offer halal options and cater for special dietary requirements.
  • Our centres are a three-minute walk away from Wynyard Station. We provide free 30-minute secure parking vouchers as well as secure pram parking.
  • You’ll receive daily photos and updates through our app that will allow you to stay connected with your child and keep track of their learning.
  • We regularly present educational children’s shows, welcome special guests to the centre and go on excursions to the library or local school to extend on the children’s learning.
  • We provide engaging extracurricular activities, including music, Zumba, yoga and football.
  • Our sustainability program teaches children how to care for the planet.
  • We offer extended hours from 7am to 6:30pm.

Give us a call or drop in to our centre at your convenience to meet our team and find out more about our programs.

Meet the centre manager – Bernice Dowdall

I’ve been working in child care and early education since 2009. I hold a BA Honours Degree in Early childhood Care and Education Level 8.

My why for working in early learning is because I am passionate about delivering quality early learning experiences to children and enjoy inspiring, encouraging and caring for children and young people.

My favourite quote is “Every day may not be a good day but there is something good in every day.”

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Get ready for school at Sydney Cove Children’s Centres

Our preschool program will prepare your child for school through:

  • A comprehensive curriculum taught by qualified early childhood teachers
  • Stimulating and purposeful learning environments
  • A play-based learning approach that engages young minds
  • The development of literacy and numeracy skills using real-life experiences
  • A focus on social and emotional development

With longer and more convenient hours than traditional preschools – 7am to 6:30pm, five days a week, 52 weeks of the year – your child will be truly prepared for school life and beyond.

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Book a tour today to see everything Sydney Cove Children’s Centres have to offer. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this exciting journey with your family.


Each room has been designed and set up to provide the best early learning experience for your child.

Nursery rooms (0 – 2 years)

We have three different Nursery rooms that support babies’ growing needs, from younger babies (0 – 15 months) to senior nursery environments (15 months – 2 years). These rooms provide:

  • A private family/breastfeeding room where parents can spend time with their baby
  • A safe outdoor play space that links directly to our indoor play space, catering for our younger babies’ needs
  • A range of age-appropriate and nurturing experiences, including tummy time, messy play, and sensory activities
  • The Soundplay music program with music, singing and rhymes

Junior Preschool (2 – 3 years)

Our Junior Preschool room offers:

  • A large outdoor play environment that encourage children to be involved in active play and to make choices
  • A range of learning experiences that promote independence, curiosity and fun
  • Yoga, music, Zumba and football programs

Preschool (3 – 5 years)

Our Preschool room provides:

  • A preschool program taught by a Bachelor-qualified early childhood teacher and focused on acquiring literacy, numeracy and social skills to prepare children for school
  • Large outdoor play spaces including our pirate ship and submarine play structures
  • A variety of excursions within the local community
  • Yoga, music, Zumba and football programs
  • Visits to our local primary school to prepare children for the school environment

We work hard to make your life easier at Sydney Cove Children’s Centres. Book a tour to see everything our centres have to offer.

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Hear from our families

“I’m so happy that I found this centre and it is really one of the best centres in the city. My son is going to Sydney Cove West Nursery room and he is so happy there. Although it is the age that usually kids have separation anxiety and want to be surrounded by their parents but my son loves his carer at the centre and he happily says bye to me every morning. I’m always sure that he gets the best care and attention from his room educators. Kate, the team lead for this room is always on top of everything and she has a close eyes on every child. They are having a wide range of activities for any age.”

  • Zohreh


“We have had a relationship with Sydney Cove since 2010 with our eldest son and now our younger one. We can not thank the Centre and the staff enough for the kind, caring and nurturing environment they have provided and continue to provide for our children. Leaving your children in the care of others is always a tough decision to make, however leaving them here has been easy for us because of the quality of care provided. Staff are wonderful and truly care for what they do. The preschool program is wonderful and left our eldest extremely well prepared for school life! Thank you Sydney Cove. We look forward to continuing our journey with you.”

  • Satish


“We have been welcomed by a warm and friendly staff who have taken great care of our little boy from day one. The great variety of the activities and personal care of the children is amazing and we always pick up a very happy boy!”

  • Charlotte


“Our family has had a long association with Sydney Cove Children’s Centre over the past eight years. Our two children attended from nursery through to pre-school and we are nearing the end of that journey for our youngest. The teaching, administration and kitchen staff have all provided a caring and nurturing environment for the children. The programs are innovative, educational and best of all, they are fun! As parents, we receive personalised feedback at the end of each day, a daily slide show and regular classroom performances. We thank the Sydney Cove Children’s Centre community for helping us raise confident and resilient children.”

  • Kristine


“Our family has been lucky enough to have our kids attend Sydney Cove for the last combined 6 years. The love, care and attentive teaching bestowed upon them have been second to none. They pay particular attention to up to date teaching methods and curriculum and the nurturing environment in the nursery rooms make leaving them in the mornings a whole lot easier when they are so little. It is well run and the on site coordinators are experienced and passionate about early learning. It has been a home away from home for my kids. Thank you to all the Sydney Cove carers and teachers that have given their passion, energy and kindness to our young family.”

  • Gabriel


We work hard to make your life easier at Sydney Cove Children’s Centres. Book a tour to see everything our centres have to offer.

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Enquire Now

We’d love to welcome you to one of our Early Learning Services long day care centres. If you would like to register your interest in a place at Sydney Cove Children’s Centre’s (East and West), please fill out the form below. One of our educators will then be in touch to discuss your needs.

Please note: filling in this form does not guarantee a place. We recommend visiting a centre for a tour and meeting our friendly educators.