Dimity Wall

Centre Manager - Lavender Lane Gungahlin Early Learning Services

“I find passion and joy in being able to discover and grow with the children."

I began working in Early Childhood in 2015. I started working at Lavender Lane in 2021, starting out as an educational leader and assistant Centre manger before taking on the Centre Manger Role towards the end of 2021. I hold my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and I am Studying towards my Bachelor in Early Childhood and Primary which I aim to have completed by 2023. 

I started my career in Early education as a trainee as I progressed my way through my qualifications I became interested in learning about all the different roles. As a mum myself I found passion and joy in being able to discover and grow with the children. I Love creating spaces for children where they can be completely themselves and are encouraged to explore, express and play. 

I believe in creating a play-based program that takes into consideration the children’s social and emotional wellbeing as well as their individual development and learning goals. I see importance in children learning to respect and celebrate other cultures while maintaining connection to their cultural heritage allowing them to develop respect and understanding for Australia’s multicultural identity. 

The first 5 years of a child's life are vitally important, its during this time that the children are able to not only learn fundamental life skills but also develop their love of learning and social skills that will last them a lifetime. 

Here at Lavender Lane Gungahlin, we strive to create a feeling that everyone is supported, to feel as though the educators can be approached and that you or your child can share special moments to be able to laugh, cry, cuddle or just to sit and chat. We want to assist you in helping your child meet their learning goals, watch and support as they learn new skills and be their for guidance as they explore and engage in challenging situations. Helping the children and supporting them to be adventurous, independent and curious allows them to develop the skills they require to become an active member of society. 

Lavender Lane Gungahlin has a team of qualified Educators from a variety of different cultural Backgrounds. We welcome and embrace all cultures and backgrounds promoting a rich and culturally diverse environment, celebrating the culture and languages with our families. The team at Lavender Lane Gungahlin are passionate and dedicated educators, aiming to be role models for the children both within the centre and in our community. The team always present themselves in a professional manner and communicate openly and honestly. 

Communication is the basis of everything we do, being able to actively listen, respond and seek to understand what is being communicated enables honest, trusting, and respectful relationships to be developed. The educators at Lavender Lane Gungahlin create mutually respectful and collaborative relationship with each family in order to support understanding, teaching, and individual development of all the children in our care. 

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