Daniela Bartolillo

Centre Manager - Sydney Cove Children's Centre Macquarie Park

“I have always had a passion for children and teaching.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2016. I hold my certificate III and am currently working toward my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. 

I have always had a passion for children and teaching. Even as a young girl I use to make all my younger cousins and sibling play all these games where I took the role as a mummy or teacher. I have loved coming into a work environment where I am developing strong bonds with children and making an impact on their life through teaching them knowledge, skills and developing a greater understanding of the world they live in, that assist with their learning and development. I love watching the children achieve goals that they have been working on and how excited and proud they are to accomplish them on their own. 

Since working in childcare I have learnt that each individual child adapts, responds, and learns not only in different stages but also in different ways. As an educator I have learnt to be adaptable with my approaches and strategies ensuring that I am catering for each child’s individual needs.

There are many learning benefits with children attending dedicated early childhood education and care centres compared to learning at home as it provides children with a social learning environment that allows them to explore and engage in an environment that allow them to grow learn and further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of their surrounding world. 

We have long-serving, multicultural team members in which all have been with the centre for over 5 years. Being a service that is dedicated to catering for Optus employee children all the families are well known to each other, welcoming new families in and allowing everyone to feel like one big family.
Our team ensures that the health and safety of children, team members, staff and families at our centre. I will always lead by example and always be an advocate for children to ensure that they are free from abuse, harm and neglect.

We have an open-door policy that allows parents and families to be involved within their child’s learning and engaging in experiences such as reading a book, cooking experience or even guest speaker. We have a diverse team that is able to speak different languages that assist children and families feel a sense of belonging within our community.

Sydney Cove Macquarie Park centre has a family vibe throughout the centre, allowing all children, staff, parents, and families to feel a sense of belonging and welcomed within the centre. We have a breakfast buffet set up every morning for all children and families. We also host events throughout the year such as; Mother’s day morning tea, Father’s day afternoon, Christmas parties, etc. that allow all families to come together.

The whole process of a starting a new centre is very daunting for many families so it is important that we welcome all families into our centre as part of Sydney Cove Family. During the tour it is important that as a centre manage, I take the time to get to know the families and their needs as well as catering for the child needs. Throughout the enrolment process I provide new families with one on one support, being available to answer all questions or concerns as well as providing a parent hand book including step by step instructions on how to set up profiles, ensure the family are receiving CCS, etc.

What makes our centre special is the family orientated environment and atmosphere, our parents are actively involved in all of our programs and decisions. 

Welcome to Sydney Cove Children's Centre Macquarie Park.

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